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We are
A multi-faceted team of talented and motivated artists, who consistently strive to create new and exciting content and experiences. With our headquarters based out of Mumbai in India, Hereafter, is increasingly becoming one of the country’s leading studios in creating cost effective and high quality videos, products and experiences that set new global standards.
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Our combined experience :

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All our exclusive clients, whether domestic, or international, receive a management portal as a value added service for no extra charge!

Our uniquely designed portal, allows our clients to interact with our artists at a personal level, which ensures a smooth workflow every step of the way, and as a result, garners the best possible output within the given economical constraints.

Members will also receive a personal cloud sharing system, which makes transferring large files via web, easy and intuitive.

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The Hereafter Collective was born from a simple idea - take a quantity driven market and deliver high quality passion driven work instead. Our highly experienced team members have been carefully selected from an elite class of specialists. With the tools and direction to achieve a higher grade of quality within predefined timelines, our artists are able to produce international standards of productions.


At Hereafter (/hɪərˈɑːftə/ 1. the future), we work towards breathing life into each and every project from a global standpoint; one that promises to mould, model and motivate new-age brand development in order to create and sustain ‘conversation’ for your brand.

We believe in combining skill-sets that compliment one another in order to create communicate channels that cater to a global audience on various mainstream platforms, be it through the application of videos, animation or technology.

Imagination will often carry us to worlds that never were. Without it we go nowhere.

Founder, Film Director, Creative Director


Ann Abraham

59th Indian National Award Winner, Ann is able to conceptualize, visualize, direct and execute unique ideas effectively. Her quirky concepts are known to create experiences like no other.

CEO, Technology Connoisseur


Raahil Kulshreshtha

Raahil, the “Digital Connoisseur”, is the brain behind all the work done at Hereafter Studios. With over 11 years of experience in Feature Films, Advertisements and Events, his blend of dedication, creativity and technical know-how, proves highly effective in creating a seamless work pattern that forms the framework upon which the organization provides outstanding results and work experiences.

COO, Visual Effects Director


Raju Dantuluri

Raj, has over 12 years of experience in Visual Effects, VFX Direction and Animation, and this allows him to visualize the end result far before the process even begins. His highly effective visualization skills prove to be the perfect catalyst for his innate ability to directly implement ideas and processes swiftly.

Motion Graphics

Motion graphics are a very effective tool in communicating with the diversified audience of today. We understand the need for impactful brand communication that goes beyond age, culture or background, and provide the expertise needed to do so. Click here to see some of our mograph work.

Post Production

Creating, packaging and fine-tuning content before final delivery just happens to be our speciality. Our artists ensure that all post-production work carry a certain degree of flair and finesse that is sure to make your videos stand out from the rest. Click here to see what we’ve done.

Corporate and Internal Communication Videos

Communication with employees, investors, shareholders and other interested or invested parties can be made more effective with the use of dynamic and interactive content custom-made especially for them. Click here to see some corporate work we have done.


From feature films and sitcoms, to channel graphics and digital campaigns, we handle a diverse portfolio of content across a wide variety of mediums. Click here to see some of work we have done for television.

Live Shoots (Productions)

Our production crew utilizes innovative production techniques to bring about the finish and finesse that your videos need. Our combined experience in VFX, animation and post-production allow us to give your videos the best possible treatment there is, irrespective of the scale, duration and budget of the shoot. Click here to see some of our production work.

Animation And Visual Effects

Under the leadership of top management whose work experience includes decades of creating revolutionary animation and visual effects for big budget feature films and TVCs; trust us when we say you are in safe hands. Our state of the art technology and software, combined with skills of our highly dedicated artists, provides our clients with products and services best suited for their requirements. or here to experience our visual effects.

Branded Content and Social Media

Extensive market research combined with the ability to create innovative content that generates widespread interest, allows us to manage our clients’ brands in the social media space with relative ease. We like to take the relationship with our clients one step further by also providing the systematic management of their profiles, pages and accounts on popular social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter and YouTube. This ensures that the brand image of our clients continues to remain in sync with current trends. Click here to see some of the content we have made for brands.

Music Production

Sound and music play an irreplaceable role in making a video or interactive experience come to life. Working with us means you will be working with a team of talented musicians, artists, composers and sound engineers who understand exactly what you need from them, and deliver results that are up to the mark.


Hereafter Mills

The Hereafter Mills are hybrid innovations hubs born from the deepest corners of unique minds to address technology-driven audience engagement requirements. Our creative technologists have embarked on a journey together to fill the void left from the glaring lack of unique and engaging audience experiences. At the Hereafter Mills, we conceptualize, design, produce, and activate your brand’s promotional needs in a way that leaves a lasting impression the world over.
Technology is growing at a rapid pace and this allows us to facilitate the creation of our own hybrid machines and experiential hi-tech equipment. The end result always proves to be effective in garnering widespread interest with the use of mechanisms, experiences and displays that draw due attention to the brands we associate with.

Click on our logo below to visit the Hereafter Mills webpage.




The diverse portfolios of our team members are also backed by an acquired international taste born from their extensive travels across the globe. This enables us to create content that is not tied down by any specific sensibility or treatment. Our creative process is not burdened by the lack of exposure but instead harbors a more globally recognized look and feel, flawlessly executed in a way that moves with the times.


At Hereafter, we ensure that our clients’ interests are safeguarded at all times with the creation of new and improved ways to facilitate their easy participation throughout the project. Our unique service desk provides our clients with an easy-to-use portal that equips them with the ability to monitor and review project updates at various stages of implementation, from the comfort of wherever they are.


The members of our team assigned to your project will be active participants of the implementation process from the get go. This ensures that you will be communicating with individuals, who not only understand the requirements of the process creatively but also have the ability and expertise to implement the needful.
This, in addition to our exclusive client service desk, ensures that your communication with us remains smooth flowing, optimal and free from delays.





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Our Office:

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Mumbai, India – 400070

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