Red Bull – Durga Puja ft. Sahil Shah

Comedian Sahil Shah visited Kolkata for his first ever Durga Pujo celebration this year and it’s safe to say he’s a fan.

Durga Pujo is a big deal. That’s what everyone told me before I went to Kolkata to check it out for myself. It sounded like any big Indian festival to me, I mean, we have Ganpati time here in Mumbai that is big, loud and noisy, how different could it be? I was cocky; I thought I had seen it all but did I know Pujo was a big deal? I didn’t, and I was so wrong.

I genuinely didn’t know there would be so much madness. While we were filming, I used the word “madness” on camera so much that the crew had to ask me to stop saying the word! I went there with no expectations and no script and every single reaction of mine on camera was genuine shock, joy and surprise. For those of you who have never been to Kolkata for Pujo, be ready. Be ready to walk a lot, be ready to sit in traffic, be ready for huge crowds. It’s a total assault on the senses but a good kind of assault (like a nice assault). Here are some of the things we did in Kolkata.

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