The Interactive Aquarium (3 Videos)

We made a demo to show you what our technology can do. The three videos on this page demonstrate the same.

The videos comprise of an aquarium, populated with various fish. The artificial intelligence code on the script gives them the realistic movement as seen.

Additionally, the user/client can choose to use a custom made controller, which could be a joystick, gyroscope, distance sensor… etc, or some other technology such as hand tracking devices or depth sensing trackers. These innovations can be applied onto any project, in any way that is feasible. We are constantly innovating the same, so please be sure to visit us here again.

Check out the links below to download the experience (without the technology requirements). You will need to ‘unzip’ the file in order to play it.

Download Here

For a custom controller or hand tracking demo, please get in touch with us to experience it.